Practical Preppers // Commercial

Meet Scott Hunt!

Back in the fall, I had a great opportunity to work with Jake Knight of Rapptor Studios who was making a website for Scott. We went to his house and photographed portraits for his website. 

Knight said, "Scott is a character with a great story to tell. It was important for us to put him out in front of his brand, Practical Preppers. People involved in that community know Scott through his YouTube channel, Engineer775."

For Scott, the website serves as the followup to the conversations he has with his community and provides the products his audience needs to be prepared in a disaster situation. 

Knight closed in saying, "In considering a revised look for the website, we knew the personality of Scott could only be conveyed through dynamic photography with strong composition and engaging editing.  Chelsey Ashford Photography facilitated the shoot process and captured the raw nature of Scott as both a headshot and in his environment."

I loved photographing Scott in his element and now have a deep appreciation for what he does!