I'm Chelsey, nice to meet you over this thing.  I really enjoy meeting people in person and photographing them. That's what got me into photography. Portraits of people. I'm mainly a portrait photographer! People love to ask me what I love to shoot most, and there you have it. People. 

I photograph a variety of different types of portraits:

  • Weddings (engagements & bridals too, obvi). 

  • Branding/Entrepreneurs (Portraits of entrepreneurs and/or their products, mainly in a lifestyle session- capturing the feel and love for their business)

  • Models, Actors, Bloggers, & Editorial 

  • Family, Maternity, Newborn, and Senior Portraits

You probably came here to see who I was other than a photographer, so here goes nothing.

I believe in love, choosing happiness, and helping others. I love to travel, sing, festivals, going to the gym & yoga, cook, and do most outdoorsy things. My main outdoor adventures consist of hiking trails, sleeping in tents, and kayaking, but always with my puppers. I don't trust people who don't like dogs. Even though my boyfriend hates sci-fi, it doesn't stop me from watching it. I have a little brother who I'm super close with and we are forever making fun of each other.  I've got 7 best girlfriends from high school, they are like blood. If you're into enneagrams- I'm a 7- which is the Enthusiast- there's a lot to say about that, look it up!  My love language is acts of service, and being a business woman and hardly ever home, I LOVE WHEN MY MAN COOKS. But, lets go back to my first love:  traveling. My dream is to buy a campervan and travel the world. Why? Because time is ticking and life is so beautiful- I love people, places, and experiences. I want to see the biggest ocean to the tallest mountain. God created an incredible world for us to enjoy. <3

XOXO, Chelsey